Transport Provided

Home School With Transport

We are providing transport to our home school students. Parents can now rely on our daily transportation .  Please get back to us if our transport services. With an affordable monthly transportation fees, parents can now focus on their career while leaving their children education to us.

Exceledu will charge minimal for transportation service. We will need your location so that we can send you the price for transportation fees.

  • Please understand that we do not earn much from the transportation fees because that is not our core business.
  • We just provide parents the ease of sending their kids to our centre.

Parents are NOT obligated to our the transportation services.

Please write to us so that we can help you to plan

Depending on your location. If you are staying far away from our Subang Home School, we will pick up your kids as early as 6am.  If your house is very near to our homeschool, we will pick up your kids around 7:15am

Please write to us so that we can send your the fees and arrival time

 We will send you the Time Table for the transportation services
 We will send you thee Transportation fees
 We will send you our school programme