Youth Leadership Camps

If the idea of your son or daughter learning to develop their character while helping, leading and inspiring others sounds like the perfect opportunity then a leadership camp may be right for them!

Do you love camp, outdoor living and adventure pursuits? Are you in senior secondary school or older and looking to stand out from the crowd? Are you seeking your next personal challenge? Excel Edu Youth Leadership Training has a couple of programs that will allow you to learn to lead others:

Leadership Training Camp is a 5D4N weekdays programme for schools looking to provide Year 9-11 students with an introduction to leadership skills, first-aid and safety, games, briefing/debriefing, camp set-up/break down, public speaking, ‘what makes’ a good leader, organisational and team skills, encouraging and problem solving and reflections. Initially designed for schools where upper year students return to serve as assistant leaders to lower year camps, the learning is transferable to wider school peer leadership and this camp is now used by some schools as a stand-alone training. Students who complete the training are able to log their hours for action and service when they come to camp.

Exploring what it takes to be a respectful, courageous and positive leader in the community


The full-day experience educates and empowers students to be the best they can be. Throughout the day students explore the acronym HEART in a series of fun and zany activities that summarise:

H elpful – looking out for everyday actions that enrich the lives of others
E nergetic – promoting and sharing positive energy
A ctive and Aware – becoming more away of personal strengths and how they can be used to take positive action as a leader
R esilient – the importance of having the courage to try new things, and learning to respond positively to challenging or difficult situations
T eam player – the importance of working with others in an encouraging and supportive environment