Lower Primary


Malay Language
Art & Craft
Basic Computing
Physical Education
Character Building
Music & Movmement

Key Stage 1 – Year 1 & Year 2 (ages 6 to 8)

Excel Education International believes that a Primary School curriculum should provide each child with building blocks that will guarantee future success, but also offer a safe and nurturing space to meet new friends and settle into Excel Edu life. Our classes draw from the Cambridge International Primary Programme, which allows young children to explore the wonders of reading and mathematics, as well as art, music, sport, technology and science. Our curriculum is also complemented by local visits and field trips to locations in the local area and beyond.


We follow the English/ England National Curriculum, which starts to developed the knowledge, understanding and skills of the students in a wider range of subjects with a focus on developing each individual child on their unique learning  journey.


Excel Edu International School, believes these are the vital years to foster a strong learning concept for our children by providing a stimulating and interesting environment and broadening the opportunities available to them. Students are encouraged to be kind and respectful of others and to follow our School’s EXCEL EDU 8 Core Values. During  Key Stage One they learn to value their own efforts, contributions and those of others. They are taught Excellent, Xenial, Conscentious, Enterprising, Leadership, Enthusiastic, Disciplined and Undaunted as the pillar of Core Values in Character Education.