Exchange Programme


Excel Education International also offers exchange programme in Malaysia, Singapore and the UK! Excel Edu International welcomes international exchange students in Year 9, 10, 11 or 12 (subject to eligibility) for a semester or a term.


Exchange students are invited to participate in all our exciting programmes overseas just before school starts or during the semester. Exchange students coming from different schools are also welcomed to apply to study at Excel Education International. They will be provided with a transcript listing the subjects attended and year obtained at the end of the exchange programme and may use it to validate their exchange programme in their home school. We also assist them with administrative processes involved such as student visa application etc. ­­

Student exchange programs provide a broad educational experience for students and participating school communities.

Student Exchange Programmes are offered in Excel Edu International with the aim of providing opportunities for:

  • Educational enrichment by introducing students’ to a different educational philosophy, environment and curriculum.
  • Cultural awareness and understanding among students’ in the local school and community environments.
  • Further development of students’ linguistic skills.
  • Promoting international understanding and cooperation.


What is the main focus of a student exchange programme?

The purpose of student exchange is to engage in study and experience a new culture. Secondary student exchange students must enrol as full-time secondary students at a recognised secondary institution in a recognised course of study.

Can I choose a specific school and determine my own course of study?

This is not be possible through a student exchange.

What is the minimum and maximum duration for a secondary student exchange in Excel Edu International?

The minimum period for a secondary student exchange in Excel Edu International is 3 months or one school term and the maximum is two years.

How do I know if my child will be safe while on a student exchange program?

Individuals should only deal with registered secondary student exchange organisations. Registration requires compliance with Excel Edu International child protection procedures, host family screening, safe and supervised travel, adequate accommodation standards and emergency contact procedures.