Multimedia Course

What Does Multimedia Studies Mean?
Multimedia is a medium that has many content forms. It includes animation, audio, interactivity, still images, text, and video. Multimedia is typically accessed, displayed, recorded, or played on a computer or other electronic device such as a PDA (personal digital assistant), handheld game, and even mobile phones. While multimedia usually goes hand and hand with a computer or electronic device, it can also be used to enhance live performances. Multimedia studies is the study of the content forms listed as well as the study of emerging media and its significance to culture and society.

Coursework for Multimedia Studies Programs
A typical multimedia studies program requires coursework in computer animation, film studies, interactive media, journalism, new technologies, studies and practices in multimedia, television studies, and video production. Excel Edu International students will walk away from the program with knowledge of how different media and content forms work, as well as technical skills from animation to filmmaking to reporting. If they haven’t already, Excel Edu International students will also master a variety of software programs from Illustrator to InDesign to Pro Tools. A typical multimedia studies program covers all areas of media, but many offer focus areas such as “Multimedia Journalism” or “Film, Video, ; New Media.” In these cases, students will take a large number of courses in their chosen focus area. A broad multimedia studies program usually requires a number of general education requirements such as English Composition and History.  Required core and major courses may include Art History, Computer Graphics, Computer Animation, Digital Video Editing, Computer Animation II, and Game Design with Flash, Two- Dimensional Design, Video/Filmmaking, Broadcast/TV production, Digital Short Films, Web
Design, 3-D Computer Modeling, and Advanced Computer Graphics.

What Can I do with a Multimedia Studies?
Multimedia studies programs choose a number of career paths. They might work in the film industry, animation, advertising, public relations, television broadcasting, news reporting and more. Common job titles include animator, computer animator, filmmaker, art director, game designer, advertising account executive, copywriter, public relations specialist, journalist, photojournalist, reporter, communications specialist, promotion manager, film editor, and marketing analyst.