About Us

The goal of EXCEL EDU INTERNATIONAL is to develop intellect, creativity and character to aid them to become independent, adaptable, socially responsible and internationally minded citizen. Our teachers are particularly skilled at helping children  to adapt, to become resilient in the face of change, and to develop compassion and tolerance for those perspective and experience may be different than their own.

Here at EXCEL EDU INTERNATIONAL, we recognise that every child is different and brings a unique combination  of experiences, attitudes, and aptitudes to school. Students also learn at a much faster pace as the program incorporates fast and fun learning methods for better understanding. By doing so, students will be able to have a fair balance between their studies and extra co-curricular activities.

We strive to foster right attitudes and values in them. Their well-being and safety is also our priority. We work hard hand in hand with parents to keep tabs on their whereabouts, as well as conduct extra classes for students in need  of additional help and attention.

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